At Speedoweb we are open and welcome partners from various hemispheres and fields and join us in the extension, coverage and conquering all the possible markets for the sale of websites. Exclusives deals and ventures possibilities exist..

Our multisector approach, global reach, services, innovative and easy approach to create a web based era among the businesses is a new era of evolution of business which requires support from various interested people to be a part of something different.

To make Speedoweb a market name we require an investment in local people and platforms to advance integrated, locally driven marketing solutions. Our approach rests on the belief that alliances should be mutually beneficial to enhance, sustain and transform the communities where we work.

Partnership/Collabrations shall aim at extensive research initiatives, promotions through leadership, collect and maintain best practices

Parternship shall be based on strong relationships with a wide range of path breaking ideas for identifying the priorities and need so that a better understanding of the market is done.

We partner with:

  • Academic institutions
  • Civil society organizations
  • Corporations
  • Foundations
  • Governments
  • Local communities
  • Multilaterals
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Multilaterals
  • Nongovernmental organizations
  • Think tanks


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SpeedoWeb is India”s finest eCommerce/Website solution, that helps businesses to start selling online across multiple channels. SpeedoWeb helps brands sell online with ease, and grow their business. Founded in 2016, SpeedoWeb powers many Store/Websites across India. With SpeedoWeb”s eCommerce/Website software, you can easily create and design your online Store/Website and mobile Store/Website. In addition to an eCommerce website, SpeedoWeb also offers a free payment gateway, services and also helps with how to market your online Store/Website Thus, SpeedoWeb provides you with the entire framework required to start an eCommerce business.